Monasteries and Sanctuaries

Ride across the hills North of Florence into the Southernmost part of Mugello to the quiet and scenic sites chosen by ancient monks and saints for their prayers and meditation inside the quietness of Nature, passing the picturesque San Francesco monastery in Fiesole and the evocative Montesenario convent (founded during the 13th century by the 7 Saints, who also founded the Order of the Servants of Mary)

Extended versions of the ride may include the Madonna del Sasso sanctuary, (built during the 15th century on the site of several apparition of Mary), together with many other highlights depending on the requested length of the ride and on the chosen bike tour version (gravel, road or mountain bike / mtn e-bike)

During this bike tour a lunch stop in a local restaurant can be organized upon request.

Starting point of the ride :  Florence 

Length of the ride :  your pick !!! choose between a minimum of 40 to a maximum of 60 km. or more, depending on the bike tour version you prefer -  mountain bike (or mtn e-bike), gravel bike or road bike) - and we’ll be happy to advise you the most suitable route for your requirements !!!

view over Monte Morello from Monttesenario monastery, Mugello